Welcome to the Vexith!


This is the official website for the Vexith Roleplaying Game, an innovative dice-based tabletop roleplaying system that allows for an extensive range of character customization and personal choice. The Vexith RPG boasts the following features:

Flexible Point-Buy Characters: Use points to build and develop a character from your imagination instead of being defined by a single class or experience levels. Choose from a wide assortment of advantages, disadvantages, creeds, disciplines, and professions.

Diverse Playable Species: Select your character’s species from one of 44 distinct choices, with each imparting a wholly unique gameplay experience by granting vastly different abilities. Choose from typical fantasy species like dwarves, pixies, and trolls; or play as something a little bit more exotic like a plant-based lavossi, an undead body-swapping shade, or partner with a friend to play a huge two-headed ettin.

Extensive Customization: Tailor your character by selecting optional species traits, design custom weapons, research personalized spells, compose unique bardic songs, contract lycanthropy, or even rise from the grave as a bloodthirsty vampire.

Brutal Combat: Battle is exciting and chaotic, allowing for devastating critical hits, disastrous critical failures, and specific injuries that can impose long-lasting or even permanent conditions.