News & Updates

Pay What You Want [Apr. 26, 2018]: The Vexith RPG Core Rulebook has been set to Pay What You Want on DriveThruRPG. We have also released the free Human NPCs Pack to help populate your adventures!

Module & GM Screen [Apr. 4, 2017]: We're very excited to announce the release of the game's first module, Festival of Fortune, along with the GM Screen and the free Creatures & Monsters Pack.

First Video Review [Nov. 3, 2015]: The core rulebook's first video review has been posted by Abraham Zetina of Talking About Games! The video can be viewed here.

Vexith Q&A [Sept. 17, 2015]: Dan Davenport, the host of the #rpgnet chat room, held a Q&A session for the Vexith RPG. We had a really great time and were able to answer a lot of questions about the game and its rules. A link to the log of the session can be viewed here. Special thanks goes out to Dan for giving us this wonderful opportunity!