Spells & Bardic Songs


Spellcasting Types & Spell Effects: There are six unique types of spellcasting. Each type grants access to its own range of spell effects:

  • Arcane Magic (Sorcery): Alarm, Animate Object, Comprehension, Containment, Counterspell, Flight, Invisibility, Scrying, Summon Creature, Suppress Magic, Teleportation, & Ward
  • Divine Magic (Mysticism): Cure, Death Ward, Detect Afflictions, Improve Faculty, Light, Luck, Preservation, Quick Heal, Recovery, Restore, Resurrection, & Steal Magic
  • Elemental Magic (Geomancy): Air Control, Animate Minion: Elemental, Creation, Disintegrate, Fire Control, Phase Shift, Reinforce, Slick, Stone Control, Wall, Water Control, & Weaken
  • Mental Magic (Mysticism): Charm: Sapient, Commune: Sapient, Concentrate, Distract, Dream Craft, False Memories, Illusion, Insanity, Mind Reading: Sapient, Mind Scanning, Mind Shield, Object Reading, Root, Telekinesis, & Telepathy
  • Nature Magic (Geomancy): Charm: Bestial, Commune: Bestial, Detect Creatures: Living, Freedom, Hasten, Mind Reading: Bestial, Obscurement: Physical, Plant Control, Rouse, Shapechange, Sleep, Sustenance, & Weather Control
  • Shadow Magic (Sorcery): Animate Minion: Undead, Bad Luck, Commune: Undead, Death, Detect Creatures: Undead, Entangle, Fear, Obscurement: Darkness, Paralyze, Sensory Deprivation, Silence, Siphon, Siphon Faculty, & Slow
  • Common Spell Effects: Damage, Damage Aura, Damage Field, Resistance, & Sensory Augmentation

Bardic Songs: Bards are able to infuse their songs with magic. Each song consists of one or more melodies and one ending coda:

  • Basic Melodies: Concentrate, Distract, Improve Faculty, & Resistance
  • Advanced Melodies: Counterspell, Fear, & Freedom
  • Basic Codas: Damage, Insanity, Quick Heal, Root, Rouse, & Sleep
  • Advanced Codas: Bad Luck, Hasten, Luck, Paralyze, & Slow